Paper Heart ~ 2009 ~ Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi

I watched Paper Heart this evening, and what I was certain was going to be a self-righteous indie movie was actually quite endearing.  The movie was made to mirror a ‘real’ documentary being filmed, and for the most part, it did retain that feel.  Charlyne’s unique personality felt cold at times, but I think that was necessary for her character who wasn’t sure if she was capable of being in love.  Michael, cursed with his every word being painfully adorkable, pleasantly surprised me by not always being the large-eyed puppy dog who will happily vomit love at every turn.  He felt like how a nice guy does in real life.

One of my favorite aspects of this movie, to which the title nods to, is the cut scenes of stop-action animation paper people.  As Charlyne interviews different couples who have ‘found love’, some of their most significant stories are illustrated through these animations.  They are delightful to watch, and actually, make the story being told far more memorable and seemingly significant than if it had been done by real-person actors.

The indie feel, the beauty of the filming, and the exploration into peoples personalities and the mystery of love all add to it’s merits.

My conclusion:  Watch it.


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